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New Whitepaper: Why Internet Data Should be Part of Your Security Strategy

In our latest whitepaper, we walk through how to use Internet security data within your organization to find what you didn’t know you had and secure it. Internet security data provides comprehensive visibility into your business’ infrastructure, including all the hosts and servers outside your traditional managed network.

Network scanning only allows you to monitor a portion of your corporate assets — what it misses is all the cloud services and applications employees in your company are using, often without going through the proper security approval process. That’s where Internet security data comes can help. With Internet security data alongside your network asset management tools, you get the full picture of your attack surface.

Why Internet Data Should be Part of Your Security Strategy explains the practical application of using Internet security data to help security professionals get a holistic view of all of their infrastructure — even devices and hosts that are not in known corporate networks — so they can locate potential threats and security gaps.

In this paper, you’ll learn how modern advancements and usability improvements of Internet-wide scanning make it an appropriate tool for:

  • Infrastructure discovery and continuous monitoring
  • Preventing phishing and brand impersonation
  • Threat hunting to prevent targeted attacks

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