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Attack Surface Management: The Problem With Cloud

Cloud adoption allows companies to remain agile in a tech-forward world, but if data is not properly stored in the cloud, it presents a major security risk. With agility comes the need to shore up security measures so that companies can move quickly while slowing down hackers and preventing potential data exposures.

Censys’ Customer Success Lead, Morgan Princing, recently studied service exposure across cloud providers. She was surprised by some of the findings related to data breaches and remote administration, which are part of companies’ attack surfaces.

In an interview with Information Security Media Group, Princing discusses:

  • Key findings from the study;
  • Biggest business impacts of exposed services;
  • How to get a better handle on attack surface management – especially in the cloud.

Princing helps customers derive value and build meaningful workflows around Censys’ External Attack Surface Management Platform and Internet-Wide Scan Data. Her career in cybersecurity began in botnet detection, where she worked to protect websites, APIs and mobile apps from bots by detecting and blocking anomalies in web traffic. She is a 2019 World IT Award Winner for Women in Security.

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