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How to Find Hacked Web Servers with Censys Search

Web servers are the most commonly impacted asset in breaches.

Not only do web servers make up the majority of organizations’ internet-facing infrastructure, they can also be valuable gateways for criminals to exploit, disrupt, or steal from organizations. Hack into a web server, and you may be able to distribute malware, acquire user credentials, and launch attacks on other systems to create a ripple effect of chaos and harm.

That’s why being able to quickly (and accurately) determine if your organization’s web servers have been hacked can be crucial.

Find a step-by-step guide for finding hacked web servers using Censys Search in this ebook for cybersecurity practitioners and researchers.

What You’ll Learn

Download the ebook for insights into:

  • How defenders can spot hacked web servers during a zero-day
  • How researchers can use Censys Search to track hacked server trends
  • How our own researchers used Censys Search to investigate hacked servers

Get your copy of our How to Find Hacked Web Servers with Censys Search ebook today!

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