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2021 Dark Reading State of the Cloud Survey Summary

Report Summary

If you’ve read recent tech headlines, you know that cloud governance and its associated security risks are on the rise. Cloud-originated breaches and data exposures remain a top issue for security teams as the solutions to remediate potential vulnerabilities remain sparse and the attacks continue to mount.

Data from Dark Reading’s The State of Cloud Survey 2021 indicate that one of the biggest gaps in keeping cloud assets secured is a persistent lack of visibility in organizations. The survey data also revealed that while some IT professionals think they have cloud governance under control, the reality does not match their expectations.

In this year’s survey, we get a glimpse into the most common cloud architectures utilized by organizations today and the tools they use to track and manage their cloud assets. We also better understand the perceptions that  IT and cloud decision-makers have about the overall security afforded by these tools. We took these insights and compared them to research that came from our security experts at Censys Labs about real-world cloud deployments observed on the Internet. What we found is that cloud environments are much less protected and governance much less sophisticated than what IT professionals think.

Dark Reading’s Survey Results & Censys Research Found:

  • The visibility and tracking of Cloud assets remain lackluster
  • Disparity between research findings about an organization’s cloud security and the perceived self-efficacy  with which respondents believe they are able manage cloud exposures
  • Which of your cloud security tooling still needs work
  • Overall rogue cloud assets are more common than respondents realize

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