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2020 Year in Review & a Sneak Peek at 2021

Like everyone on the planet, Censys went through a lot of changes in the year 2020. Some of them were really sad, like cancelling team-lunch Tuesdays, some of them were mixed, like our video happy hours, and some were thrilling, like the product launches for our Censys Attack Surface Management Platform and our Home Network Risk Identifier. We have compiled highlights from this year to celebrate the good things of 2020, and we are offering you a sneak peek of our 2021 plans to bring total cloud visibility to the Internet. Cheers!

Year: 2020

Q1  Launch of the Censys ASM Platform 

The first major milestone in March 2020 was the Censys Attack Surface Management (ASM) Platform launch. How will the platform help our customers?

  • Total Visibility into Cloud Migrations –  To meet our customer’s demands for visibility into the cloud, we’ve hit the ground running with cloud connectors for GCP, Azure, and AWS– making Censys the only enterprise ASM platform that can layer and compare our internet-wide scanning dataset with users’ multi-cloud environments.  Learn more about gaining visibility with cloud migrations here.
  • Highlight Asset Level Risks and Remediation Guidance- The Censys ASM Platform shows your full attack surface and can identify individual asset anomalies and risks.
  • Integrate the Censys ASM Platform with Existing Security Workflows 
    • Splunk – This year we rolled out a new Censys Splunk integration that pulls information from the Censys Attack Surface Management platform’s logbook and asset APIs.
    • – The Censys integration with makes it possible to send unmanaged hosts to your instance to queue them for regular scans.

Q2  – Home Network Risk Identifier  

Working from home has been a big transition for many companies especially in industries where remote work is less prevalent like government and financial services. Some of the ways our customers are using the Censys Enterprise Home Network Risk Identifier tool include:

  • Mapping your Workforce – Know where the workforce is signing in from and have an understanding of exposed IoT devices such as cameras and routers.
  • Prevent Beaches of Customer Data – Sales representatives with customer data on home laptops is a great example of why it is important to be monitoring remote desktop sharing, network management exposures, and potential exposed telnet, FTP and the like.

See a demo of your workforce!

Q3 – New Enterprise Dataset Launch

Censys has also put a significant amount of effort into making sure the foundation of the Discovery component of our ASM Platform, the new enterprise dataset, is scanning with a high standard for speed and depth. Censys sees 48% more of the internet than the nearest enterprise data competitor. That Censys perspective just got a whole lot more in depth as our enterprise data set services just increased by 24% and the hosts increased by 17%.

Q4 – Censys Focuses on the Michigan Community and Company Culture

We want to offer more than just products; we want to be a force for good in security!

Investing in the Michigan Community At Censys, we are donating all of our holiday funds to holiday pantries and other basic needs for the community in Michigan. As you’re thinking about customer gifts or holiday parties, please consider donating to the A2 Entrepreneur Fund, a funding vehicle that gives 100% of donations to food banks/basic needs organizations.

D.C. Tours the U.S. to Spend Time with Employees –Censys’ CEO, D.C., traveled the East Coast and spent time with employees. D.C. laid out a travel schedule that included spots in Ann Arbor and its surrounding town, and added in destinations where our employees in the mid-Atlantic region live: Virginia, Washington, DC, and Pittsburgh. Read more:

Censys is Recognized as a “Cool Place to Work” in Michigan

Censys’ recognition as a 2020 Cool Place to Work in Michigan was really gratifying, because it confirmed what we already know: working here is really cool!  Read more:

Year 2021: 

2021 Q1 – Sneak Peek at the Censys Cloud Module

(Spoiler Alert: Censys now has a way to help you manage your cloud environments!)

We have spent the tail-end of our year speaking with numerous CISOs, security practitioners, and cloud architects to begin prototyping a product experience that does not just reveal risk in your cloud environments, but proactively functions as a change agent to bring continuous monitoring and better security practice to your organization.

  • Prioritize and Identify Risks in the Cloud – To begin with, Censys Cloud allows you not just to easily and thoroughly identify new sources of risk as they appear across multiple clouds, but to automatically integrate with your existing workflows and stakeholders to ensure expedient remediation. We believe strongly that our customers do not have the time to deal with more “critical” alerts that require band-aid fixes, and instead will invest in realistic, pragmatic suggestions to minimize time spent and maximize risk ROI.
  • Integrate Cloud Insights into Workflow –  We will guarantee that each piece of the workflow can be substituted with best-of-breed tooling (think: JIRA/SNOW for ticketing). Censys Cloud will be fully equipped with APIs to operationalize our findings via SIEM, SOAR, and more.
  • Cloud Security Baselining – Finally, and most importantly, Censys Cloud will allow CISOs and security managers to consistently achieve on their goals by tailoring a baseline that Censys will continuously evaluate your cloud attack surface against– meaning you get real-time feedback on the effectiveness of your security program and are consistently equipped with the right context and evidence to improve it.

As an overarching rule– we expect to partner with our users to change the behaviors, and not just relieve the symptoms, of some of the fastest growing, innovative companies in the cloud to date. And if you’re just starting your journey to the cloud, Censys is the perfect partner for you!
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