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The Leading Internet Intelligence Platform for Threat Hunting and Attack Surface Management.

Censys empowers security teams with the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date map of the internet to defend attack surfaces and hunt for threats.
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The Censys Platform

The One Place to Understand Everything on the Internet

Threat Hunting

Leverage best-in-class data to proactively protect your country or organization against advanced threat actors. Censys Search leads the industry in internet scanning capabilities to provide the largest, most comprehensive dataset of internet intelligence available.

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Attack Surface Management

Censys Attack Surface Management arms organizations with the critical information they need to find, monitor, and understand their internet-facing assets in order to identify and remediate advanced threats and exposures.

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Censys Internet Map

The foundation of the Censys Platform is our data. Founded by the creators of ZMap, Censys’ proprietary Map of the Internet offers the most coverage, fastest discovery, and the deepest insights available.

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Did You Know?
45x More

Censys Scans 45x More Services Than the Nearest Competitor

Why Censys?

The Censys Difference

The threat environment is rapidly evolving and bad actors are adjusting their tactics at alarming rates. As a result, today’s organizations need to be vigilant in order to protect themselves and their customers from harmful breaches. With Censys, organizations can get the most accurate data available, enabling teams to take down threats as close to real-time as possible.


Censys has the widest breadth and depth of internet scanning data available. We are the only vendor conducting daily comprehensive scans of the top 100+ ports, proprietary ML-based discovery of services across all 65k ports and conducting daily refreshes on all 3b+ services in our dataset.


Censys provides a rich understanding of everything on the internet, enabling security teams to understand asset connections, current configurations, and discovered threat details. Additionally, security teams get access to the potential impacts of each risk and recommended steps for remediation.


Censys provides the most comprehensive and accurate relationship of things on the internet. Through our advanced attribution engine, seed data is exposed to show connected assets, which are then enriched with contextual data for even deeper visibility.


Founded by the creators of ZMap at University of Michigan, Censys has deep roots in the security open source community. Censys boasts one of the largest internet intelligence communities with over 288,000 users.

How Customers
Use Censys

Continuously Monitor Internal and External Attack Surfaces

Understand and analyze the full extent of your attack surface. Whether assets are known or unknown, leverage Censys’ comprehensive dataset to discover critical exposures and mitigate risks, while embedding best practice monitoring into your security operations.
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Stay Ahead of the Evolving Threat Landscape

In order to gain advantage over sophisticated threat actors, speed of detection is critical. With Censys, threat hunters have access to the data required to identify unknown attack methods that could have dire consequences to critical infrastructure and networks across the globe.
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Protect Against Emerging Threats

The threat environment is rapidly evolving and bad actors are adjusting their tactics at alarming rates. Censys customers have the most accurate data available, enabling teams to take down threats in real-time and monitor changes as they occur.
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Empower Security Teams to Act Fast

Time-to-detection is central to guarding against even the most malicious attacks. Acting fast enables you to take the critical steps needed to reinforce and remediate exposure. With Censys, you have access to the most up-to-date data available on the internet today so you can accelerate response time.
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The One Place to Understand Everything on the Internet.

Secure your assets today with Censys.

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Attack Surface Management Solutions
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