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Case Studies

To Build or To Buy?

Why This Software Company Chose to Buy with Censys

After attempting to build their own internet scanning tool, this software company chose to partner with Censys to gain the breadth, depth, and accuracy of internet intel needed to enrich their software product.

The Challenge:

A software company specializing in machine identity management wanted to enrich their consumer-facing product with certificate data. To do so, they needed to quickly scan high volumes of certificates on the IPv4 and IPv6 internet. The team first used internal resources to create their own in-house certificate scanning solution – but realized their approach wasn’t sustainable.

The Outcome:

Instead, they found that best-in-class internet data from Censys, which maintains the world’s largest certificate repository, provided them with the speed and frequency they needed to enrich their software product, without exhausting internal resources.

Read the case study to learn more about:

  • Why the company needed a robust certificate scanning solution
  • What influenced the company’s decision to buy vs. build
  • How the Censys Internet Intelligence Platform has delivered business value
  • How Censys and the company have developed a productive 5+ year partnership

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Learn how this software company benefits from best-in-class internet data provided by Censys.

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