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The 2022 State of Risk & Remediation Report

When your business accelerates faster than your security, effectively monitoring attack surfaces and responding to major vulnerabilities can be difficult. And if you wait days, weeks, or even months to respond – the consequences could be catastrophic.

That’s why in the 2022 State of Risk & Remediation Report, the Censys Research Team examined recent celebrity vulnerabilities and how organizations across industries reacted to each. What did we learn, and how can you apply these insights to your own organization?

Download the report to find out:

  • What surveyed cybersecurity professionals say are their cyberattack worst-case scenarios
  • What Censys observed about three recent vulnerabilities: Log4j, GitLab, and Confluence
  • How quickly these vulnerabilities were patched, updated, or taken offline
  • The three distinct patterns of response that Censys observed when analyzing and comparing the vulnerabilities
  • How security teams can detect similar risks going forward with an Attack Surface Management strategy

Empower your security efforts with the insights and tools needed to proactively defend against the next celebrity vulnerability.

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