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The New Era of Internet Exposure: What It Means for Security Teams


Join Censys Research Scientist Emily Austin in conversation with guest speaker, Forrester’s Jess Burn as they discuss findings from Censys’s 2022 State of the Internet Report. This first-of-its-kind report provides a global perspective on the internet as a whole and explores how security practitioners addressed several vulnerabilities over the last eighteen months. The report also offers guidance as to how organizations can prioritize and evaluate their security maintenance.

The webinar will cover key themes from the report, including:

  • Shadow IT and Asset Sprawl: Learn how Shadow IT and asset sprawl has been exacerbated by business trends like the rise of remote work and mergers and acquisitions, and gain insight into the challenges they pose to asset protection.
  • Misconfigurations and Exposures: These represent the bulk of risk Censys observed on the Internet, not CVEs or other advanced exploits. Good security hygiene may not be as exciting as a zero day, but it’s a critical piece of a strong defense in depth strategy.
  • Vulnerability Management: Vulnerability management continues to pose challenges for organizations. Learn more about the responses to three different major vulnerabilities observed in and the importance of vulnerability management.

Hear Jess and Emily’s perspective on what each theme means for security practitioners and leaders, and learn more about ways security teams can turn these insights into action.

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