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The 4 Perils of Cybersecurity False Positives

Why It’s Time to Cut the Noise in Your Data (& How to Do It)

Censys found that almost one-third of threat hunters encounter false positives in more than 20% of their findings (in The 2024 State of Threat Hunting Report). That’s one in five alert tickets about threats that are actually benign.

False positives may be a prevalent part of cybersecurity, but that doesn’t mean teams should feel powerless against them. False positives undermine the important work security teams set out to accomplish, and in more ways than one.

Security teams should feel empowered to take action.

What You’ll Learn

In this guide, we highlight four key reasons false positives demand your team’s attention, and discuss how you can take action to minimize them. Download the guide to learn more about:

  • The prevalence of false positives: how widespread are they?
  • The 4 perils of false positives, and how they hinder your security team
  • How security teams can take action to reduce false positives
  • How Censys can help

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