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Stop Guessing and Start Addressing Your Attack Surface

Question 1: Do we need to be thinking about the attack surface differently so it doesn’t appear so unwieldy?

Attack surfaces are growing astoundingly – and we will never truly reduce this number. We should forever expect assets to be coming online. So, it’s less a question of shrinking attack surfaces and more a question of how does security keep up-to-date and track what’s going on around them? The answer is by managing the attack surface.

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Question 2: Is there a situation to get better asset management control? Is it just a situation of discovering what you’ve got and deleting the stuff shouldn’t be where it is, or is it just really gap analysis?

It’s less of a “clean it up” one time and it’s done mentality. It’s more like we need to provide ourselves with continuous visibility.

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Question 3: Do you consider fake networks and devices to be part of your attack surface?

We don’t consider that part of the attack surface because they’re not valuable to our customers – and we always try to eliminate noise.

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Question 4: What is the process for incorporating threat modeling into the entire attack surface management process? How often should one re-threat model?

It should be happening continuously! Look at what people are actually attacking and take this into consideration for what you should be addressing first.

Question 5: What even is an asset in a world of automation, containers, and infrastructure as code?

Anything that can pose a risk can be considered an asset. It could be a container, a website, a bucket, an API, a login, a device – anything that someone might use to attack you is something that should be accounted for.

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