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Managing Risk Across your Cloud Attack Surface


The rapid adoption of the cloud has ushered in a new era of agility, scale and performance. And the cloud (and its various forms) continues to grow, so do vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and the overall attack surface of the organization. Furthermore, due to the deployment of different solutions across multi and hybrid cloud environments, many organizations are dealing with siloed development efforts leaving an incomplete picture of where these vulnerable and misconfigured assets are leaving the enterprise open to potential breach.

In this session, Tony Wenzel, Solutions Engineering Manager at Censys will discuss the challenges cloud adoption poses to an organization and how Attack Surface Management solutions can provide a keystone capability when building an effective approach to finding and managing risk in the cloud. Attendees will learn about:

  • Challenges of finding assets in a highly ephemeral cloud environment
  • Top risks enterprises are facing when managing the cloud attack surface
  • Effective tactics for governing cloud adoption


Tony Wenzel headshot Tony Wenzel
Solutions Engineering Manager

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