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Have You Been Following Along with Censys? Check Out Our Latest Use Case Videos!

Discover how to maximize your use of threat intelligence with Censys! In our weekly #FollowAlongFriday videos, find fresh tutorials on how to use Censys to advance your security objectives.

Watch as we share step-by-step guided instructions for some of our most common use cases, including how to use Censys to identify vulnerable systems, protect IoT devices, and uncover malicious infrastructure. Whether you’re brand new to Censys or a more seasoned user, our tutorials can help you identify new ways to empower your security efforts.

Check out some of our recent tutorials below, or head over to our complete video library for more!

How to Identify Vulnerable Services & Systems

Vulnerable services and systems are a major problem for security teams. While these exposed assets are attractive, low-hanging fruit for adversaries, the pace of cloud sprawl and shadow IT can make it difficult for security teams to keep up. In the two demo videos below, learn more about the queries you can use to uncover vulnerable services and systems tied to your organization.


How to Find & Protect IoT Devices

Operational technology and SCADA devices exposed to the internet raise all sorts of potentially devastating adversary use cases. In this demo, watch as we show you how to use the label and geolocation functionality in Censys Search to efficiently look for exposed IoT devices.




How to Discover & Protect OT Devices

Learn how to search for OT protocols that could be high-value targets for attackers. Watch as we show you how, even through the use of rudimentary search terms, your team can gain visibility into architectures and narrow down a “5-mile high” view into a view of specific assets.



How to Manage Risk & Enforce Vendor Compliance

Managing third-party risk is an increasingly important security objective for today’s enterprises. Whether you want to onboard a vendor to ensure they’re a safe business collaboration partner, or you want to apply a little scrutiny to the online presence of an acquisition target, Censys has you covered. Discover how nested combination searches can provide visibility into areas of interest, such as looking for certificates from a particular vendor to learn more about the strength of their TLS configurations.



How to Identify Malicious Infrastructure

Censys’ threat intelligence can be used to gain valuable insight into attacker infrastructure, which is typically difficult to trace. Follow along as we walk through how to use Censys to find command-and-control infrastructure, and gain a better sense of how Censys can be used to find other malicious infrastructure, like phishing websites and suspicious domains.



How to Identify Expired/Misconfigured SSL/TLS Certificates

Expired or misconfigured certificates present all kinds of problems for security teams, including the risk of potential attacker exploitation. Censys maintains the world’s largest database of x.509 certificates, which means that teams can gain a wealth of information about any and all certificates associated with their organization. Watch as we show you how to enumerate your certificates with a high degree of fidelity.


How to Run Advanced Searches with Regular Expression Queries

Sometimes you want to include a little latitude in your search terms so that you can look for all possible combinations of hosts. To do so, you can use Regular Expression (Regex) queries, which are available to Pro, Advanced, and Premium users of Censys Search. Regex queries ask Censys to identify patterns in the data to match specific use cases and will return all findings that are similar to the original search term.



How to Use CensysGPT

The Censys Search query language is based on well-known syntax. However, sometimes you may want to ask Censys Search a question in plain English. The CensysGPT translator, a beta tool available in Censys Search, allows users to do just that. CensysGPT harnesses the power of generative AI to quickly translate natural language questions and queries in other search syntaxes into Censys Search queries. Watch as we demonstrate how to use this AI-powered translator.



Interested in more video tutorials? Head over to our full library to learn more!

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