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Forrester Study: ASM Key ???? to Digital Transformation


Forrester surveyed 260 cybersecurity decision-makers about the future of the organization’s security needs and found:

  • The top 8 challenges security leaders face while monitoring external facing assets and why Attack Surface Management (ASM) is key in the digital transformation era.
  • Why 84% of decision-makers reported that a solution that automates discovery and monitoring of their organizations’ external-facing assets for better risk management is very important.
  • Over the next three years, 76% of respondents expected an increase in the number of cloud workloads, while 72% expected an increase in the number of hybrid workers and how to combat these pain points.

Sample Survey from the Report:


Deep Dive:

During the past two years, digital transformation was swift among companies of all sizes and across industries. Cloud management has topped the priority lists of CISOs, while adjusting to a hybrid and remote workforce has been an interdepartmental effort, adding to the complexity of problems IT Security teams face day-to-day. Fostering a secure environment across a host of new endpoints requires companies to strategize both reactively – taking stock of their digital environment – and proactively, by predicting which security tools will serve their needs now and grow with them.

In a commissioned study, published October 2021 and conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Censys, more than 260 cybersecurity decision-makers across industries were surveyed about the future of their organization’s security needs. The message from the report is clear: “Rapid digital transformation, an increase in cloud/hybrid workers, and a growing number of issued devices mean firms face an ever-growing, dynamic attack surface.”

Censys’ Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform has emerged as a tool uniquely poised to quickly tackle both challenges by utilizing a contextually rich, comprehensive historical dataset (think of a collection of snapshots of the backend of the public internet) to give companies accurate insight into where their digital assets exist and what condition they’re in. Are RDPs exposed? Services living on non-standard ports? Buckets and blobs running amok? Was that patch actually applied?

Asset discovery and analysis dominate the list of current challenges for cybersecurity practitioners and leaders. According to the Forrester study, “ … top challenges include vulnerability management, cloud misconfigurations, unknown or unmanaged assets, and home networks for remote workers.” All of these challenges can be resolved quickly, accurately, and with the greatest visibility by using the Censys ASM platform. Digital asset management and ASM pair perfectly to give teams speed and efficiency.

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