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Forrester Report: The Attack Surface Management Solutions Landscape, Q2 2024

Discover the Future of ASM and Enhance Your Security Posture

Understanding and controlling your organization’s attack surface is crucial for effective cybersecurity. Forrester’s recent report, “The Attack Surface Management Solutions Landscape, Q2 2024,” provides critical insights and practical guidance for security teams. Whether you’re managing a global cybersecurity strategy or ensuring day-to-day operational security, this report delivers essential knowledge about the business value of ASM and how it can improve your security posture..

Download the report to:

  • Understand ASM Evolution: Learn how ASM has merged the capabilities of EASM and CAASM into a unified solution.
  • Improve Visibility: Gain comprehensive insights into both internal and external assets, enabling better risk assessment and management.
  • Enhance Security Fundamentals: Discover how to maintain continuous security posture evaluation and integrate ASM into existing platforms.
  • Navigate Market Dynamics: Explore the latest trends, challenges, and disruptions in the ASM market, including the impact of GenAI.
  • Gain Vendor Insights: Get detailed information on ASM vendors to help you make informed decisions for your organization.

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