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Forrester Report: Best Practices For Implementing External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

Securing your organization’s digital assets requires more than just vigilance—it demands a strategic and informed approach. The latest Forrester report illuminates the crucial role of External Attack Surface Management (EASM) in protecting against sophisticated cyber threats. For security practitioners and team managers on the cybersecurity frontline, this report offers essential insights and methodologies to turn challenges into strengths.

Key Insights from the Report

  • Adopting a Scientific Approach to EASM: Learn how to implement EASM effectively with a scientific method-like approach, starting from observing and researching unknown assets to forming hypotheses, testing, analyzing results, and concluding with actionable plans.
  • Handling False Positives and Overwhelming Findings: Understand how to avoid the “analysis paralysis” that false positives can cause by creating processes for the efficient triage and management of findings.
  • Strategic Implementation and Continuous Testing: Discover how remediation prioritization, scope definition, enhancing the analyst experience, and incorporating continuous security testing is essential for discovering and attributing assets.

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