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Episode One: The 2022 State Of The Internet Report by Censys

The Internet has revolutionized how we communicate, share information, and do business. Digital security is no longer a concern just for the Computing and Information Technology space, as organizations across industries have a growing digital footprint. Understanding the sprawl of your public-facing assets, or your “attack surface,” is more pressing. Without this meaningful visibility, protecting your digital systems is a guessing game.

In the 2022 State Of the Internet Report, authored by the Censys Research Team, we examine the Internet through several lenses, such as the Internet as a whole and its attack surface, the Internet’s response to major vulnerabilities, organizations on the Internet, and what our customers and security experts have to say about our findings.

Watch part one of our four part webinar series where Emily Austin, Research Scientist at Censys, provides a high-level overview of:

  • Mitigation strategies and the three distinct types of behavior in response to vulnerability disclosures
  • The percentage of misconfiguration risks that were observed across the internet and the varying data that was uncovered with it
  • Attack surface samples that were ran on 37 large organizations and the data that was disclosed including the various domain registrars and hosting providers

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