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Empowering Women in Cyber Security

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During International Women’s Month, join Censys for an executive roundtable and hear about how women aspire and thrive in the modern cyber security organization.

Gender diversity is a critical element of a successful cyber security industry. Women empowerment plays a key role in strengthening diversity and paving the way for future female leaders.

This roundtable will cover:

  • Leading women at Censys: Hear about their individual career journeys and their advice for getting into cyber security as a woman
  • Gender diversity in cyber security: Learn more about the current state and future of inclusion of women in cyber security
  • Success and mentorship: See how an inclusive culture, a strong network, and allyship contribute to the success of women in this field

Panelists: Sarah Ashburn, CRO at Censys; Kathleen Thomas, CFO at Censys; Dayna Rothman, CMO at Censys
Moderator: Jasmine Burns, VP People & Culture at Censys

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