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How to Choose the Right Attack Surface Management Platform


Your external attack surface is more important than ever. Cloud-related risks are increasingly pervasive and attackers are more efficient. An Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution helps you comprehensively discover Internet assets attributed to your organization and potential risks at scale. Join us for an educational presentation with the founder of Censys on the highlights of our Attack Surface Management Buyer’s Guide. Learn more about potential use cases for ASM, how to assess ASM product capabilities and functionality, and what ASM can do to make your team more efficient and effective.

Stream to hear:

  • How attack surfaces have evolved due to cloud adoption and elastic and serverless resources.
  • How attackers have shifted their focus to external assets with an estimated 73% of cybersecurity incidents involving external assets in the cloud.
  • What use cases you should consider including: continuous asset discovery, comprehensive Internet inventory and investigative tools, risk detection and prioritization, and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Questions to assess product capabilities and functionality, so you can go into vendor discussions fully prepared for your business needs.


Zakir Durumeric, Co-Founder (Censys)

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