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Case Studies

How a Security Team Automated Attack Surface Management

The pandemic has expanded the remote workforce around the globe and therefore the attack surface many security teams must now learn to protect. This great migration left security teams struggling to keep up with the growth of the remote workforce and has added a new layer of complexity to risk management operations.

This case study highlights how one of our customers addressed this changing remote environment, as well as a complex cloud migration simultaneously. With limited resources and team capacity, the CSO partnered with Censys to automate their attack surface management with the Censys Attack Surface Management Platform (ASM). With Censys ASM,  they enhanced their risk management program by gaining visibility into their remote workforce and cloud migration complexity, ensuring they were able to protect the things that are theirs on the Internet.

In this case study, you’ll read how the CSO and security team used the Censys Attack Surface Management Platform to:

  • Continuously monitor all Internet-facing assets from public to on-prem cloud environments for misconfigurations and exposures
  • Protect their remote workforce with better attack surface visibility outside the traditional network boundary configured and secured by IT
  • Automate their risk management processes and save their security team time
  • Easily manage and maintain digital certificates of their assets

Do you have similar challenges? Talk to one of our experts or see a demo today to discover how our Censys ASM Platform can help you manage your attack surface with the highest confidence.

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