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At Censys, Innovation Takes Center Stage

Censys Hackathon

The air was electric at Censys’ first in-person all-company event since the pandemic. It was also our first all-out multi-day hackathon event. This year’s theme: Integrate & Innovate. Engineers from all teams came together in exciting new ways, even roping in some sales, marketing, and product folks along the way. This week, we eschewed tradition and broke ground on innovative new ideas to push the boundaries of attack surface management.

Proving hackathons aren’t always about software

This year, we had a team surprise our panel of judges by submitting a project that was not a piece of working software. Team Zordix put together a creative way to host capture the flag, or CTF, tournaments leveraging Censys ASM to discover CTF vulnerabilities, scoring a big win without writing a single line of code! The CTF ran as a mini meta event at the end of the hackathon and showed promise to be an excellent training aid for new hackers and security experts everywhere.

Improving storytelling with data visualization

Imagine if you could view your digital attack surface like a doctor uses an X-ray to illuminate broken bones and apply the right fix at the right time. That’s what team DrippyData did when they created compelling data visualization dashboards that help everyone in your company view and understand their attack surface data. This team literally added color and clarity to your attack surface position, creating compelling visualizations that energize your security team’s storytelling abilities. A picture really is worth 1000 words!


Censys data visualization

Prototype visualization (currently unavailable) showing machines with non-standard configurations (grouped right) tend to have higher risk severity


Power through the competition with Platforms of Power

At the end of the day, there can be only one winner of our Best in Show award and that went to Platform of Power. This team redefined what it meant to build a platform for security organizations to stand on by building a prototype system for users to extend our already outstanding ASM offerings to customize your attack surface management to your organization’s specific needs. With the Platform of Power, there’s no more waiting an indefinite amount of time or being told “no” to your customization requests; you now have the power to create the ASM experience that best meets your needs!

Bringing home the gold

At Censys, we celebrate diversity of thought and creativity. Innovation is in our DNA, and this year’s hackathon and our hackathon winners are proof that when you bring together passionate people and let them solve internet scale problems, you arrive at game-changing solutions that help security organizations everywhere make the internet a safe place for everyone. Interested in learning more? Follow our blog and find us on social media to see what we’ve got coming up next. If you’re looking for an attack surface management solution for your organization where innovation and best-in-class data is the core of our product, drop us a line or call us at 1-888-985-5547 today!


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