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4 Cybersecurity Webinars Worth Your Watch


Haven’t had a chance to tune in to some of our recent webinars? Catch up on what you’ve missed with these on-demand recordings! You can stream the recordings at any time from the links below.


Profiles in Threat Hunting: Finding Threats by Observing Behaviors

Presenters: Censys Senior Security Researcher Emily Austin; Censys Director of Federal Applications Matt Lembright; Guest Speaker: Forrester Principal Analyst Brian Wrozek

Who Should Watch: Threat hunters and security practitioners in both commercial and government sectors

What You’ll Learn:

In this webinar Emily, Matt, and Brian explain why effective threat hunting requires more than just searching an environment at random for Indicators of Compromise, and instead requires a strategic approach. Learn more about the importance of knowing your adversary, best practices for initiating a threat hunting endeavor, what early detection (profiling) looks like, and the tools and tricks that hunters can leverage as they conduct their investigations.

You’ll also see how threat hunters can use Censys Search, available as a free community tool, to enhance their search and achieve the documentation needed to backup their findings.

“What we’re finding a lot of the time is like a van filled with burglary tools; we’re not seeing someone commit burglary, but we’re seeing all of the necessary elements for a burglary … when we start to piece these things together, we have to hypothesize and ask ‘does it fit what an attacker might do? Or is this a pen tester doing their normal job?’”  – Matt Lembright, Censys Director of Federal Applications

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Think Like an Attacker

Presenters: Censys Product Manager Morgan Princing

Who Should Watch: Cloud sec ops engineers, cybersecurity practitioners, cybersecurity managers, and anyone interested in learning more about how to enhance their cloud security

What You’ll Learn:

If your organization is like most, your cloud presence is growing – and fast. The rate of cloud sprawl in multi-cloud environments poses new challenges for security teams tasked with defending their attack surfaces from increasingly sophisticated threat actors. How can security teams stay a step ahead?

In this webinar, Censys Product Manager Morgan Princing discusses why adopting an outside-in, “think like an attacker” mindset can help security teams better protect what they own in the cloud and minimize their risk of a breach.

Stream the recording to learn more about:

  • Why the cloud poses unique security challenges
  • How your team can adopt an outside-in, “think like an attacker” mentality when developing cloud security protocols
  • Cloud security best practices you can use to create a proactive security culture
  • How Attack Surface Management can empower teams to carry out this “think like an attacker” approach

“Attackers will often develop a list of what belongs to your business and they’re looking for keywords that lead to something that might be valuable – you should do the same. Search your inventory in an ASM solution for things that have internal dev names specific to your organization – keywords like ‘staging,’ ‘prod,’ ‘dev’. Make sure that those are saved queries and things you’re keeping an eye on.” – Morgan Princing, Censys Product Manager

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Empowering Women in Cybersecurity

Presenters: Censys VP of People and Culture Jasmine Burns; Censys CRO Sarah Ashburn; Censys CMO Dayna Rothman; Censys CFO Kathleen Thomas

Who Should Watch:  Anyone interested in learning more about the dynamic careers of women executives and their path to leadership in the cybersecurity industry

What You’ll Learn:

Only 25% of leadership roles in cybersecurity are held by women. Yet, studies show that companies with women in leadership roles outperform those who lack them. In recognition of Women’s History Month, and in support of Censys’ commitment to continuously empower women in our industry, we’ve brought together some of the women leaders at Censys for a candid conversation about their experiences.

Hear how these Censys executives have successfully carved a path as women leaders in the cybersecurity industry. Learn about their individual career journeys, the risks they took to get where they are today, and their advice to women looking to excel in any career path.

“As a woman, sometimes we believe that if we just do a great job — if we just show up at work and excel — ‘they’ will notice, and I’ll get promoted. I learned that’s actually not the case; you have to advocate for yourself. You have to manage your career; nobody else is.” – Sarah Ashburn, Censys CFO

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All About Cloud: Tools, Products, and Services Critical to Cloud Success

Presenters: Censys Senior Solutions Engineer Kevin Garrett

Who Should Watch: Cloud sec ops, cybersecurity leaders, and anyone interested in learning more about best-in-class cloud security tools

What You’ll Learn

Do you know how many cloud providers your company uses? Do you have a solution in place that captures the constant changes taking place in the cloud? What about your exposures — do you know what someone outside of your organization can see?

If you don’t love your answers to these questions, or aren’t sure of your answers, you’re not alone. Securing cloud environments is complicated, and today it’s a prime playground for threat actors. In fact, 65% of organizations’ high and critical exposures live in the cloud. That’s why in this webinar hosted by ActualTech, Censys Senior Solutions Engineer Kevin Garrett discusses how security teams can bolster their security posture within the cloud. Kevin addresses why existing security tools to manage the cloud can fall short, and why an Attack Surface Management solution can be ideal for effective cloud security, thanks to ASM’s continuous asset discovery in the cloud.

“In the cloud there are a number of unique challenges that we haven’t really faced to date. Business processes haven’t caught up to some of the technicals of the cloud; the cloud also has an insanely-fast pace of development, with new tools and functionality that were once on-prem, now being added to the cloud.” – Kevin Garrett, Censys Senior Solutions Engineer

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