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Profiles in Threat Hunting: Finding Threats by Observing Behaviors

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Join Censys Senior Security Researcher Emily Austin and Censys Director of Federal Applications Matt Lembright in conversation with Forrester guest speaker Brian Wrozek as they discuss threat hunting for the modern security team. If you’re curious about launching threat hunting efforts within your own org or are looking to optimize your existing approach, this webinar is for you!

What You’ll Learn

During the webinar, gain insight into topics like:

  • How Threat Hunting Can Save Time and Money – As a former CISO, Forrester’s Brian Wrozek shares why threat hunting is a key component of any security strategy.
  • Leveraging Threat Hunting Tools and Techniques – Discover how to use free Censys threat hunting tools to understand and parse out which activity actually poses a threat to your organization.
  • Escalating and Reporting Threats to Your CISO – Understand the kinds of threat hunting intel CISOs really need to make informed decisions.

Hear Emily, Matt and Brian’s perspectives on each of these topics (and more) and learn how security teams like yours can turn these insights into action.

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