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Censys Cloud Security Demo


May 19, 2021

Gartner estimates that an astounding 50% of enterprises will unknowingly expose cloud storage services, network segments, applications, or APIs on the public internet in 2021.

This class of cloud exposure frequently results in catastrophic data breaches — hundreds of millions of sensitive medical records, customer credit card numbers and SSNs, voter registration records, and login credentials have been leaked through publicly exposed Amazon S3 storage buckets and Elasticsearch servers over the past few years alone.

The Censys Attack Surface Management Platform was built to empower organizations to discover and defend publicly exposed cloud infrastructure.

Watch the demo to learn about  how Censys’ Cloud Security offering helps:

  • Discover and inventory both unknown assets, accounts, and providers.
  • Establish a comprehensive inventory that offers visibility across AWS and GCP, lesser-known cloud providers, and on-prem assets
  • Protect against cloud-specific risks and misconfigurations like public storage buckets or exposed databases.

If you’re interested in getting a personalized scan of your attack surface talk to one of our Cloud and Attack Surface Management experts. 

Watch the Demo

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